Her Body on Mine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nonbinarychick

There's this person. We kissed each other when we were teens. Now we are older and we meet each other again. We're still as queer as we were back then but now we're more confident and sure about it. I cut my hair short. Now hers is longer than mine. But still she's more masc than me. I'm nonbinary and I like to see myself as masc and femme. She's still masc but less hard and closed up as she was back then. When we meet again it's new. We both changed. We're not the same people. We can talk about things. So we talk about our first kiss together and how it was back then. We talk about our bodies. She's fat and likes it. I like it too. We talk about sex. And then, with less fear than the last time, less self doubt, less trouble, we kiss, we touch AND we keep our clothes on. It feels good. We don't have to overstep our boundaries just to fit our sexual actions into the heteronormative and binary definition of sex. I feel her fat body under myself and her fingers in my mouth, later in my panties. I love the feeling she gives me. We enjoy what we have, an we do not owe any explanation to anyone.