Helping My Wife's Sister

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hornyrabbiner

“Have a great time at my sister’s. Give her a hug from me, Can’t wait to see you when you get back next week.”

My wife and her sister are really close and very similar. They even married the same type of guy; dad bod but very active, and regretfully with jobs that require travel for weeks at a time.

This month’s journey was about to end and I needed a place for the weekend before I could catch my flight early Sunday morning. “I spoke to Donna and she said it would be fine for you to spend the weekend there until your flight. And she lives so close to the airport. You could have home cooked food and a quick trip to the airport without staying another night in a hotel room all by yourself.”

“Thanks gorgeous- you’re always looking out for me”

“Have a great time, and maybe you could cheer Donna up- she’s been going through some stressful time with John away more than you are.”

So after dinner, Donna sits with me for a glass of wine. I notice that she has gained some weight, but still has that same smile as Jane and those awesome tits and round ass. “Tom, could I ask you a weird question?”

“Sure, how weird can it be? I’ve learned long ago that there are no secrets between you and Jane.”

“Did you really buy Jane her first vibrator?”

“Wow, there really are no secrets between you and Jane. Yea, I bought all her toys. Why? You didn;t believe her when she obviously told you?”

“No, I believed her, That was really just the warm up question. Jane told me that when you get home after a trip, you are insatiable and even if you guys fuck like bunny rabbits, You won’t stop until you go down on her and she comes in your mouth.” She said that while she likes you licking her between her legs while she is lying down, you prefer her to sit on your face and use your nose and tongue”

“Yea, it’s true, Where is this going?”

“John is away and when he comes home, we rarely make love. He never goes down on me and he never uses a vibrator on me when I don’t come”

“Donna, I’m not Jane. I don’t need to know this. And I am not in any position to help or comment or speak to John about your sex life.’

“I’m not asking you to, But it;s been so long and I can’t take it anymore. Didn't Jane tell you to have a good time with me? “

“I don’t think she meant it that way. I am not going to cheat on my wife and NOT with her sister!”

“We knew you’d say that. Here’s a video Jane made”

Dear Tom, If you’re watching this vid, I know that Donna has spoke with you and made her strange request. You know that Donna and I are really close and share everything. So now she gets to share my husband. She and John have discussed opening up their marriage so she is less frustrated and after all the times I’ve told her about you, they both agreed that you should help.

“Wow!” “ I don’t know what to say”

“Please say you’ll help me”

“I don’t know”

“Let’s start with a vibrator. Could you use one on me?”