Having My Cake for One Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By abbeyayre

I'm getting married and our sex life is incredible. We have evolved from loving exploration to kinky nights. Our new favorite is drinking booze and doing lines, then I put on lingerie, handcuff him, and dance to club tunes like his own personal stripper. I pour a shot of bourbon in his mouth from mine, blindfold him, grab the ice from the glass and rub it on his cock and nipples while I gently suck on his balls. He can barely keep from cumming. I love our sex life, but I want to fuck my coworker so badly.

I don't have a problem with being monogamous, I am fiercely attracted to my fiancé; his tall frame, lithe muscles, weathered hands, thick mass of dark hair and covering of tattoos. I get wet every time I look at his picture on my phone screen. My coworker is nothing like him, full strong build of a linebacker, diamond pierced ears, soft hands and thick blond beard. We knew each other long before working together, but now, being in close proximity each week, we have developed a magnetism that is electric. Our sexual tension is palpable on my tongue hours after my shift ends. I have wet dreams about him regularly; I find myself deeply regretting that we had not discovered this desire before I met my soon-to-be husband.

I want to meet my coworker in a foreign city, wait for him in my hotel suite, on edge with excitement and nerves that we are finally going to take those stolen touches and close calls to fruition. He knocks on the door and for a moment we stand there in silence, staring at each other like animals waiting to attack, wild eyes and breath heavy. Then suddenly we are kissing and groping manically, ripping off clothes and taking each other on every surface of the room, fucking hard, fast, soft and sensually because we know this night will never happen again.