I'll Have What She's Having

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sally

We're making dinner in the kitchen when he goes to put music on. As the song switches one of my favourites comes on and I begin circling my hips. He comes up behind me to check on the food and brushes against me so I pop my butt out and begin grinding into his crotch to the song. He groans as he begins to get hard and his hands reach down the front of my skirt to feel how wet I've become. As he rubs my clit slowly at first and then faster he moves his other hand to my breast and massages my nipple. I moan and arch my butt deeper into his cock as he rubs my clit faster and faster, slick with wet.
Before I can orgasm he pulls my underwear down and slides himself into my wet pussy, fucking me against the counter and bringing me to a moaning orgasm as he cums inside me.