Hands-on Sex Ed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By the_excited_student

Trying to reconcile being a "late bloomer"/virgin and a sex positive person is a damn near nightmare! I've kissed, caressed but never been naked with a partner or done anything more. Poor timing, lack of (positive) prospects and opportunity, and perhaps my simply being a little shy have all meant that I've only been able to explore my sexuality solo, but it's time for a change. I've reached the limit of what I can learn on my own, and there's still no prospects on the horizon which is why I now feel that an (male) escort is now in order, 'cause if I'm going to learn and explore I want to do so with an expert guide. I want someone who will lead and guide me, be the dominant person, but not necessarily aggressive (unless things change as we go). It would start pretty vanilla, pretty basic, but as we get more into things, my shyness falls away, and I am completely in the moment, and so the kink turns up. Things get more intense, and after satisfying ends for both parties, some serious aftercare to make sure I leave glowing from finally getting to do all the things I've been wanting for so long. It's not a question of wanting to "loose" something but rather wanting to gain the experiences I've been craving and tap into the my so far unexplored sexual talents, with the help of a nurturing dom... better yet if it's Parker Marx!