Halloween Shenanigans

A Sexual Fantasy

— By upp

I was dancing like crazy in the middle of the dance floor when I felt his lips on my neck, and his hand sliding down my waist to my thighs. I turned around and I saw him. He was wearing a fancy chauffeur outfit, with cap included, that went perfectly with my naughty French maid dress. I hadn't seen him for over a month and my body ached for his so much it hurt. I threw myself at him, getting lost. He held me so close I could feel every inch of his erection against me making me crazy. I swayed my hips sensually, grinding my body against his, making his cock pulse. We were both so desperate... We ran to my car. He got on the driver's seat and took us out of there. Immediately I reached for him, unzipping his pants and marveling at his hard cock in my hands. I could hear him moan as I stroked it, & gasp pleased when I slid it into my mouth, gently circling my tongue around it. We drove around for a while, all the time I kept sucking his delicious dick. Finally, he stopped. I looked up, we were parked on a random street parked. It looked pretty empty, so I quickly jumped in the back of the car and pulled him. By now I was so wet, I honestly didn't care about anything. I pulled off my dripping underwear and made him get out of his pants completely. 'Please just fuck me.' He pulled my face to his and kissed me hard, then he put 2 fingers into me and licked them. Luckily my parents had a big van, so we were not limited by space. We went from cowgirl to missionary, to everything else in the book. Finally, we were doing it doggy style, 'This is so fucking awesome,' I yelled, 'I don't care if anyone sees us 'cause I'm so horny right now!' And that's when we saw the light flash at us. It was two police officers. They asked us to get out of the car, we asked them if we could get dressed. In the end, I talked us out of the fine and tipped the officers the equivalent of 6 euros (this happens in countries like mine). They even told us 'You may continue.', but we just laughed and went home.