All Hail the Holy Bush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pallidnight

This is a confession by a bush worshipper. I love bushes; I just have to admit it.

I am as obsessed with his bush as I am with my own. It turns me absolutely wild when he fucks me and grips my bush while thrusting into my cunt. Or his fingers ruffling and stroking my bush as he licks my juicy lips. It gets me to a point of orgasmic dizziness when I see his face digging deeper into my bush with moaning, slurping sounds. As I ride him I love to look down at our beautiful bushes. How they get turned on by each other, rubbing against each other, melting into a hairy bundle of lust. I freaking adore the tickle of his bush on my face when I suck his dick, how his soft hair caresses my cheeks and encourages me to put his cock deeper into my mouth, my saliva dripping down on his bush. When we are done, I love to lay my head down on his lap next to his bush; softly playing with his wild jungle of pure love and tenderness.

Am I the only bush worshipper?