Gym Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cip-the-gym-guy

I am a personal trainer with own gym and get to work up close with many women, but I am most turned on by older women. I have recently started working with a gorgeous older woman with brown hair, beautiful green eyes and a very sexy body, who comes to my gym for one to one sessions. As I watch her work out and instruct her on her next moves i get very turned on and my cock gets hard. Sneaking a touch when i can excites me and I very like to imagine the hot sex we could enjoy in the gym. I imagine that during a tough workout I have to show her how to keep her posture good. I stand behind her and reach around putting my hands on her stomach. I can tell she is arouse and slowly I kiss her neck. I unzip her sport top and free her breasts. She can feel my big erection in her back. I kiss her neck and slide my hand inside her tight gym leggings. I feel how wet she is and know she want me too. The sex that follows is wild and frantic as we rip off others clothes. I bend her over the bench and push my cock into her from behind. As I build good pace she screams pleasure and I give her such a big orgasm. In reality, this woman is married and I dont know she would want sex with me but every session we have together excites me.