Green Thumb Touches

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Safira

Safira is 29. A writer that moved back to her small hometown after living in big cities around the world. She's a very erotic person and had many lovers during her young life. That's where she finds inspiration for her books... Life. Nature and imagination combined. This brought her into a new understanding of the climate crises we're facing on earth and started to make changes to her life regarding this aspect and this started to affect her romantic life! A greener house, eco-friendly products, second-hand clothes and furniture and... a plant-based diet! This last shift decision positioned her into a sensitive position, people started to trigger her and she started to trigger people too, she became an activist. How's the sex life of an activist after all!? Well, an activist has to be brave enough to face an empty bed if needed. Especially by living in a small town. It's not easy to find like-minded people that also feel the chemistry to become intimate! And she's quite good with imagination. She curated her bedroom into a sanctuary to rest and have pleasure, with plants, beautiful textiles and her favourite sex toys. She spends her days in the garden and writing. You would sense her erotic vibe the way she touches her plants, the ground, the way sits in front of her computer, how she stretches, how she thinks and looks around to the activist sentences lying around.. for example: “Every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea!” - Sylvia Earle. Most of the nights, after her diverse, colourful, tasty vegan meals she would set some music on and she would striptease to the sound of it into her room.. she always feels thankful for her pleasures before and after, likewise the Japanese do for meals! Tonight, was a bit different... she received a notification on her phone.. this vegan dating app finally rang! You have a message! "Oh!" - she thought and smiled.