A day in the life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxyyxx

We have a very busy life... A shop to run, a kid to grow up, a dog and a cat.
Alarm clock everyday at 6.30 a.m., get ready to take my kid at school at 8, shop opens at 9.
Usually after school I go straight to work... Usually.
A few days ago I came back home with a peculiar appetite instead.

8.20 a.m
My boyfriend is still sleeping deeply, I keep watching him for a few minutes, his naked body totally relaxed inspires me.
I get close to him, move slightly the sheet to see his cock...It is sleeping too. I start kissing it softly with my lips, tenderly I begin to use my tongue... First only on his cock head, then slowly kissing all its length.
My love is almost awake. While sucking and licking gently I was playing with his nipple... After 10 minutes he is completely ready to fuck me.
8.30 a.m
I sit on him and start moving and feeling my pussy getting hotter and wetter, he pushes deep inside of me while trying to put a finger in my asshole. I keep my muscles tight, my two holes certifying his power of making me full.
I fall into a deep ocean of vibes all over my body, one moment that is timeless.
8.50 a.m.
I dress myself quickly and get out!!! Now I'm ready to face the day with a relaxed and satisfied attitude.
He didn't cum, so we will have something nice to do during our lunch break.