Gone Wild for Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LeMuru Muru

Occasionally I visit one of those websites, where anyone can send photos of themselves, with more or less clothes on, in more or less alluring positions. They say they have "gone wild", but it seems to come from a very thought of decision, a deeply rooted desire to be seen, to be appreciated.

I admire the courage of these men and women ridding themselves of the judgmental disapproval of society, showing themselves in their most intimate, naked, raw, sexual, for the viewing and physical pleasure of strangers. I take solace in the positive attitude of this community, admiring each other's bodies, always with a kind word. I marvel at the diversity of shapes, sizes, colors and professions. I barely believe the guts it must take for some of them to show not only their bodies but also their faces.

I don't always clear my browser history. I don't lock my computer. My wife could easily discover my visits to this little world of uncensored flesh. I sometimes dream that she would take pictures of herself and post them there, for anyone to see, but only for me to recognize. The curve of her hips, the magical folds of her labia, the mole under her breast.

Many would enjoy the marvelous view, but only I would know!