Gold Girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By invictus

I attended university on the Gold Coast of Australia for 3 years. There I fell in love and absolutely insane lust with G. She was the most passionate sex addict I'd ever met and her body was perfect. She had the kind of smile that could make my heart melt. She was adventurous, even willing to try threesomes with other girls, but as far as I know, she never cheated on me.
G was three years older than me. It was G who taught me how to really please a woman. Our relationship was perfect in every way... except that I was already married to Mary.
I tried to keep the two lives separate. G knew about Mary and was willing to live in a threesome, but Mary was a prude and I couldn't suggest it to her.
And then G moved into the same apartment block. I don't think I've ever had more sex in my life. Young newly married wife at home... and a kinky passionate girl 6 floors below.
One day was especially naughty. I had sex with my wife while thinking that I was fucking G. Mary orgasmed and collapsed. I told her I was going to the pool and slipped downs to G's apartment. I told her that I'd just fucked my wife and I still couldn't get her out of my mind. She pulled me in for a loving hug. It turned into kisses and soon we were tearing away at our clothes. I entered her and she was wet from anticipation. I pushed into her in a crazed lust. We fucked like hyper charged rabbits for about ten minutes and finally we came. Hard. Really hard. God I loved G so much.
Ten minutes later I was back in my apartment. As I walked across the room Mary woke up and called to me. She realized that she'd fallen asleep right after sex and and she wanted her cuddling session. Not sure why she was super loving that day. Maybe her orgasm had been extra strong. But soon enough she was kissing her way down my chest. I realized that she was about to award me with a blow job... and that I still had G's juices on my dick. I was about to stop her, but then it felt so kinky that I let her continue. Let my prude wife suck my lovers juices of my cock. And again, I came so hard.