God! It’s good to see you again.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ddd615

I know this seems impossible on tube sites, but here goes. 
The production should have real dialogue that actors practice with their clothes on before the shoot (aim for authenticity). Be picky and get actors with Charisma more than just stunning good looks.
 Old friends of opposite sex are in relationships with people they love (show this with sex/dialogue/clothed scenes). Both are dissatisfied/lonely as they are stuck being the providers/too generous/their significant others are not a perfect match. They meet, their spirits reawaken (shown with laughter, depth of conversation, empathy). They set boundaries and begin a mutually fulfilling but functional and uncomplicated affair. It Includes good dialogue, laughter, clean, healthy, functional people. It involves, intense hugs, outpouring of conversation, authentic affection. Respect for each other and each others partners. 
It could end with couples being honest with partners, affirming their lover for all involved, the affair not destroying the relationahips, and lead “good people” into monogamish happy relationships.