I give myself to your sensual dominance.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zenlover

We met online through Fetlife, and enjoyed each other’s company there, playing sexually from time to time as I travelled in my sales position and had evenings free in hotel rooms. I was happily married in all things but sex. She clearly wanted vanilla for the rest of her life, I was an explorer by nature.

I knew when I made the decision to fly in and out of the airport near you on my next business trip that the main reason I was doing so was in hopes of meeting you. I had been looking for a while for a trip when I could excuse such a move with my wife and business associates, and I’d finally found it. I would set it up so that I could stay in a hotel in Burlington upon my return, without it being known. I would use points to reserve the room... the only way I could be free of scrutiny.

I chose the Hilton and reserved a King, hoping that it might prove useful to you, and if not knowing I would be there masturbating and teasing myself furiously wishing that you were there. I did this hoping that when I told you I had, you would agree to meet me. Perhaps for coffee, perhaps in a bar, but in some way so that you could safely and discreetly check me out.

The time had come. We were meeting as you requested, in the early evening, at a coffee shop you seldom went to, but could explain away as a “work thing” if necessary. I arrived before you and sat at a corner table from which I could see the door. You arrived exactly on time, just as my excitement was peaking, my heart was pounding, hands perspiring and cock gently tumescent. Our eyes make contact, I smile and tilt my head to the side, delighted to see your smile in return. I like what I see, and a surge flows through me. My heart pounds for a moment, my face flushes, and I feel a pleasant surge in my crotch. “God, I hope she’ll have me” I think. “I so want to submit to her, to be her plaything tonight.”