Girl Gang

A Sexual Fantasy

— By free_britney

Today, for the first time in 15 years, I sat on a drum stool and started to bang again. All of a sudden I was hit by flashbacks of my teenage days. I've always been a music junkie and when I was 15 I decided to play the drums 'cause "girls can't play drums" or more generally "girls can't play music as well as men". So my girlfriends and I started a girl band to prove them wrong and guess what? We kicked ass in every show.

People were obsessed with us because when we played we were "too good & too hot". I remember perfectly the sexual energy that we released. It was like each of us was making love to our own instrument, but when we looked into each others eyes it felt like we were having sex all together. Sometimes I wish we did for real, 'cause I'm sure it would've been wild!