Gina Cobert's Secret Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nownthen10

She basked in the sunshine on a patio chair, soaking up the warmth of a summer day, the breeze refreshing her bare pussy. Josh came out with a glass of iced tea. As he turned to leave, Gina asked: “Josh, you’re taking a summer course?” Josh said he was, but he was managing it so far. As he described the course to her, Gina began to spread her legs slightly and pretended to scratch her thigh, just slightly raising her skirt. She just barely revealed herself, with the grin of a Cheshire cat, looking at Josh straight in the eyes. Gina displayed gradually more, but never fully, as he fixated on glimpses of pink flesh, unable to ignore the apparent flirtation. She paused to enjoy the feeling of the light breeze blowing up her skirt on her bare love muscle. Thoroughly enthralled with the visual exchange, Gina rhythmically opened and closed her legs as Josh spoke. She frustrated his desire that she fully expose herself to him. It was not to be. This was just the beginning...