Giantess Wish

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

One far-reaching fantasy that won't let me go is of being captured by a goddess of superhuman stature, a Giantess. She has trapped me at the edge of an underground river in an enormous tropical cave as I am about to dive in naked. She is phenomenal looking of course with very long dark hair, bronze complexioned and extremely fit from living in the wild. She is unimaginably tall, at several stories high. I fit easily into her hand and as I am about to find out, inside of her body. I fear for my life but I am also uncontrollably excited at being her captive. She inspects me with an inquisitive, playful and somewhat evil smile. She proceeds to kiss and lick my entire body, her lips completely overtaking me. I feel her lips and tongue rolling over my body, her lips pursing sideways over me like a segment of fruit, feeling like purely fucking heaven. She lifts me into her mouth with her tongue and begins to slide me back and forth between her lips, sucking me in as she goes but not quite closing me in completely. Her suction is incredibly powerful yet gentle and very sexual. Her tongue rolls me around and flicks between my legs. She lets me feel her teeth just enough to make it feel dangerous but really nice. I wonder with delicious anticipation if she plans to explore the rest of her body with me.