Get Home Faster

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sight.Geist

My partner and I have been together for just about 5 years and she never ceases to be the source of my fantasies and erotic daydreams. I am a man in my mid 20's and spend most of my time training for and racing road bikes. This means lots of time on the road, up to 8 hours at a time, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends and teammates. One fantasy that I continue to have on these marathon rides is something that is luckily rooted in reality.

As you can imagine, these long rides leave a lot of time to let your imagination wander. On rides alone, I find myself hypnotized by the road picturing the natural curves of my partners full breasts and hips and can perfectly visualize the way her body moves as she pulls off her shirt or wiggles her way out of her panties. This usually leads me to recount our most recent sexual foray involving maybe a collar, facesitting, or a dildo for the both of us. I then start planning our next session, this time nipple clamps, mutual masturbation, or maybe acting out an XConfessions as we watch. But my absolute favorite guilty pleasure is to "forget" to wash my hands after the previous night's session, leaving them with the faint scent of her sweet pussy. Riding along with my teammates I then sneak a sniff as I wipe my nose, eat a snack, or adjust my sunglasses, intermittently indulging in my secret pleasure. Her smell on my hands brings my mind back to her body and what we may do to each other when we get home and gives me all the motivation I need to get home as quick as possible. Shower optional.