Game of lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By discoversx

We are strangers to each other. We meet in the night. Lust is the only thing on our mind.


As we step into the elevator of my apartment building, as he looks at me with piercing eyes, he only asks me: what floor? I say: number 10 please. He presses the button and as the lift starts moving up we begin to touch each other.


Suddenly it stops at floor 3, we immediately stop touching and act as if nothing is going on. Another resident walks in and presses the button of floor 9. We try to contain ourselves as the lift continues its journey. As soon as the invader of our love game is gone we continue what we started. When the doors open on the tenth floor and we rush into my apartment. Once inside, standing against my front door, we cannot hold ourselves…


Hands touchings everywhere, tongues all over our bodies and an overwhelming explosion as an answer to our feeling of lust.