Full-body Sensations

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MaMo

I am male and I found that my fetish consists of extensive, oily, full-body massages. I like it very much if the massage oil is warmed up before (a little bit warmer than the skin; this makes the feeling even more intense), has no or just a little fragrance (I like lavender or lemon with bergamot) and there is a soft background music (some flute music etc.). For the beginning, I like it if my back is massaged first, then it goes down via the arms, a little but also the butt, over the legs to the feet. I like if it is done slowly, because I can get relaxed this way. Now the first thrilling moment comes when I turn around, because I know that the massage will now go up again from the legs over the penis (not too much at that point - this comes later) to the body and the shoulders. It's very sexy if my female partner is still dressed until that point (by which I mean dressed in a sexy way, of course) and gets undressed now. From that moment on, the "full-body" part comes into play: she would sit on my legs or be in all-fours position, pouring some warm oil on herself and starting to rub her body against mine. At that point, I'm just before the point-of-no-return. Normally, she would do the rubbing-part just a few times, then lay on me and we would start kissing each other. It does not really matter how the happy-ending comes (a simple hand-job would be enough, I guess). It is really the full-body experience that arouses me the most. I hope, I could inspire you. Thank you very much for this platform!