A Weekend in the Garden of Eden

A Sexual Fantasy

— By passion_fruit

I once engaged in a one-weekend experience with some vegan guru. He had some interesting recipes for smoothies, a lot of charisma and, let's face it: he looked hot in the pictures. A friend of mine goes through strictly vegan periods across the year to make up for the other periods, when she eats in an obscene manner, and she recommended this experience to me. I was going through a stressful moment then and so...

I went to a community house in the countryside and... Ta-Da! Naturism was a part of the experience. I go myself to nudist beaches every once in a while, so why not? I got naked too!! Nobody seemed to care about my body or if it wasn't perfect. The beauty of The Guru corresponded to the pictures though. The weather was warm, sunny; refreshing breezes caressed our skins while we walked around the countryside or meditated, alone or in groups. And there were the kitchen courses too, when The Guru would give us fruits from his own vegetable garden to taste. I began to relax. And then on Sunday, while I was meditating in the forest, our paths crossed. The Guru was on his way to the vegetable garden to pick some tomatoes, and he invited me to taste “its unique flavor”. I bit the red red tomatoes!! Tomato juice run through my neck and my naked body, and... he asked if he could lick it from me. As simple as that. I said yes, of course!! And he licked my skin, making it crawl. He took me to a tree and I grabbed a branch and he took me from behind, we fucked like Adam and Eve under a lazy sun. I fucked My Guru and this has been the strangest hookup in my entire life so far.