Fuck Work

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nikki

Have you ever been deep into a super hot wet dream, just to then have your alarm clock wake you up for work? This happened to me the other day. I was in the midst of a super hot dream were my husband was about to fuck me from behind, but as fate would have it my damn alarm clock would pull me back to reality. I was still super horny and to make things even tougher for myself my husband (who had the day off btw) rolled over to give me a good morning kiss and I could feel his rock hard morning wood cock press right against my ass. I wanted him to slide inside me so badly but I had to get ready for work. I thought about masturbating in the shower but I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat breakfast if I did so I didn’t. I did put on some sexy underwear though, I figured I’d have enough time on my lunch break for some passionate love making. As I finished getting ready, I walked out into the kitchen to grab my breakfast only to see my husband standing there with it already made in his hands. God I could have fucked him right there, but I had to leave so I gave him a big kiss goodbye and headed out to my car. I did my normal routine, parked in my usual spot, quickly ate my breakfast, then headed up stairs to my office. As I sat at my desk all I could think about was going home to fuck my husband, I was trying to keep my composure but I couldn’t help it I was just horny as fuck. About 2 hour’s into my shift and some low key sexting with my husband I was ready to go. I told my boss I was having terrible cramps and she sent me home for the day. I didn’t tell my husband I was coming home because I wanted it to be a surprise. When I got back to our apartment I put on some lipstick I’d been meaning to wear for a while, and sent my husband a sexy little video letting him know that I was home and why. Once I entered the apartment he and I made the most passionate love. Clothes were flying, my sexy undies were appreciated, Nipples were getting played with, the foreplay was on fire, and the sex was incredible. We fucked all over the house in ever position I could think of, but my favorite part of course was feeling him absolutely rail me from behind as I came all over his cock. He’d finish inside me, but we’d go again in the shower later on. It was an amazing day, one that left me thinking to myself “Fuck work, I much prefer this”. I did go back to work the next, and stay extra late to make up things from the day before, but I’d do it all over again if I could finically afford to.