Fuck My Brains Out

A Sexual Fantasy

— By A very lustful lady

My husband (cisgender, hetero couple, we've been married a little over a year) is a very prim and proper type, always in control and somewhat reserved. He's a very sensitive guy, so sex is always gentle and sweet, and he's so incredibly focused on my needs during the deed. He barely makes a sound, whereas I can blow the roof off the barn and basically swoon whenever he touches me. My sex drive is also a lot higher than his, and though we've tried experimenting with basic things like changing up the foreplay and trying different positions in the past, we usually stick to a couple methods that always work. Always in bed. Always at night or in the late afternoon on a weekend.

I fantasize about walking in the door after work one day to have him greet me by closing the door behind me, his eyes lust-filled and blazing, and pushing his body into mine so I'm up against the door, and he kisses me hard. We make out and he gropes me feverishly as I sigh into his ear, until he just can't stand it anymore, picks me up, carries me into the bedroom and throws me on the bed.

Once we're done once in the bedroom, I'll start getting dressed and get up, and he'll grab my arm and pull me back towards him until I'm sitting on his lap at the end of the bed. He'll say something like, "I'm not done with you yet", and then he'll fuck my brains out on every surface in our house, taking complete control of my body. I also long to hear what sort of sounds he'd make, because he's so quiet.

This is especially sexy to me because my husband is the proverbial gentle giant at 6'4" to my 5'5", and my body is little compared to his so he could easily very easily pick me up and take me in whatever fashion he wanted, though he really never does. I would just love to be putty in his hands.