(Fuck me) In high heels

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Every woman knows that she is utterly sexy in high heels, so do I! Tonight I'm going to seduce my man, wearing a pair of the most sexy shoes EVER! My plan? Simple! I will be wearing these sexy shoes and a very sexy, flimsy cocktail dress with very little else! He is planning the whole deal, drinks first, than dinner, and going dancing later that night. I am planning on getting quite intoxicated, but not drunk enough to be not be able to seduce him when we get home... Once home, I will let him peel off my dress... nothing underneath, remember? I will get on my knees, with only my high heels on, and suck and gobble on his cock until he begs me to stop! Then it is MY turn to beg! To beg him, to fuck me with my high heels on! So, there you have it! My plan for tonight!