From the archives

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Arauna

I am an archivist and information professional, so I work a lot with old documents. One of the fantasies that I've had for quite a while now is to have sex between the archives. Most archives are neatly stowed away in boxes and temperature rooms to make sure they are still accessible in the future, so sometimes you work in such a room or you have to take archives out of that room and bring it to a person who wants to study them. My fantasy would go like this: someone wants to study an archive but I can't find what he exactly is looking for. So I ask him to help me find it and take him to the back. There of course, our hands start to wander off and he lifts to get something from the top shelf. There are archives all around us and we make it part of our own history as he starts to fuck me between all these documents and stories written on them.