French Encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kikimara

My husband and I were traveling on a bus in France when we had a unique encounter. We were sitting across a couple who were whispering to each other and giggling. They started caressing and kissing. The man's hand was slowly moving up the woman's leg into her skirt. They were attractive so I was getting turned on but my husband and I were trying to look away as to not be rude staring. Then we noticed the couple looking over at us occasionally. The man was looking us up and down and the woman was slightly biting her lip. The bus stopped and the man winked and got up. The woman made a follow us gesture before following him. We decided to get off the bus but realized they didn't speak English and we didn't speak French. We still somehow ended up at their apartment where we had drinks and found out you don't need to understand someone's language to get to know them better. The wild night made us a little embarrassed when we woke up and were sober. We left before sunrise while the couple was sleeping and left a note that said "ce fut un plaisir."