Furtive Lust

A Sexual Fantasy

— By El_tio666

About two months ago, I ended my seven year relationship. My ex and I had been together since I was 15 years old. Before him, I had only had one sexual partner. About two years ago, we befriended a man whom I instantaneously had an undeniable attraction to. We'll call him, Nick. Nick and I both knew that we had feelings for each other. But we also knew that we would destroy the lives of so many other people if we acted on those feelings. After my breakup, I looked to Nick for advice and support. We became even closer, causing my ex (and Nick's good friend) to ask questions. He pried and pried and begged both of us not to cross that boundary that was so inevitable. One night, I invited Nick over for drinks. We watched my favorite movie and joked and laughed with one another. That night Nick reached over and held my hand. I had never felt such a raw passion overtake my body as I did at that very moment. One second we were just friends and the next all I wanted to do was feel him inside of me. I invited him to stay, seeing as it was getting late. "It depends on how comfortable your bed is..." he replied. "Let's go see?" I took his hand and led him to my room. We both lay on the bed. Shy and bashful. He looked into my eyes and said "God, we are just terrible." I then kissed him more deeply and passionately than I had ever kissed anyone in my life. We ripped each others clothes off, feeling every inch of flesh on one- another. I became so wet that my secretions were dripping down my leg. He plunged his fingers inside me, kissing every inch of my body that his lips could reach. He then wandered his lips to my lips, his tongue dancing around my clit and labia as though it was was a paintbrush painting a masterpiece and my vagina was his canvas. We made love 4 times that evening. Two and a half weeks have gone by and we've made love to each other every day since that one night. But our love is forbidden and we must keep our relationship a secret. I can't help but get so hot knowing that we share this secret. It will be my favorite forever .