Do not leave footwear unattended

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nuriya

My boyfriend and I were coming back from our touristy visit to Prague in one of those old trains with small separate compartments that still exist in the Czech Republic. When a backpacker entered ours with her flip flops coming out from one of the exterior pockets of her bag, we both had the same idea. Luckily for us the girl asked us to watch her belongings while she was at the train bar.


Once she was gone I stole one of her flip flops and started playing with it and trying it on for my foot fetish boyfriend. We smelled, licked, and caressed it with various parts of our bodies. I gave him a footjob playing with it and stepping on his cock - which was between my foot and the sole. We fucked while worshiping her footwear and eventually I made him cum on it. We had just had time to groom ourselves and dry her fetishized belongings!


Needless to say that we had a hard time not to laugh because of our dirty secret during the rest of our journey. I recall it as one of my most fun and naughty sex experiences :)