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A Sexual Fantasy

— By hotguyDK

Walking through the streets of our town with my wife, going through one boring clothes shop after the other in search of a new dress for a summer party, I expressed boredom. She asked me , what kind of dress would I prefer or recommend?
Just as we spoke, a very beautiful young woman passed us, wearing a simple, flowing short velvet dress, which just flowed around her. I said : One in a style like that.. And we both turned around to look at the girl. In the same intant the dress rode up, exposing the most beautiful brown behind I have ever seen, without any panties. I felt my wife's hand tense, and she asked if I had seen the girl was going commando in advance... I had not.
We didn't mention the sight, but made very passionate love that evening. For my part the dark pantyless woman was part of the fun. I hope my wife had the same thought, as she at rare occasions now also goes commando when we go out.
The Danish flash-fan.