Flame of Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By darianmais

Dry, brittle, desiccated This forest my heart, my body, my energy Pent, condensed, aching Hot wind, drawing, parching

Alone, not a sound, save the wind Her attention and intention lost on the wind Sweeping past my desert forest Speeding on to other, enthrallments of mind

Fertile for the spark When will it come Aching By bolt or slow smolder Aching Quickening to flame

Release finally into the engulfment Blazing heat, mutual storm of Hunger, taste, smell, building Fast, then slow, speeding ebbing, next moment and next

Feeling full and giving fully Spent, smoldering, Kiss of a whispering breeze Just enough to fan the flame slowly Slowly, higher and higher again

Fuel never running low Time, space, ebb and flow Now here new growth yet to be engulfed again and again

Flame of Love