First Time at Gay Club

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Panna

I am nervous, I been pansexual as long as I can remember. But I have never been to a gay club. It's Stockholm pride week and I am at a club with lbtqi people for the first time. There is a gorgeous drag queen in the DJ booth playing the music. I've been in a relationship for the last couple years, but we went our separate ways a while ago. So I am single. And horny. My satisfier have been working hard. I spot them on the dance floor. Breaking the norm, both oh so feminine but at the same time masculine. They move their body to the music, and I am mesmerised. They probably feel my stares because they turn, looks me straight in the eyes. My knees goes weak. They are gorgeous. I lose them in the crowd. My friends and I take some shots and head to the dance floor. My pride flag skirt moves around me on the dance floor glistening in the light. I feel sexy. I lose myself in the music. I close my eyes and when I open them again they are there. Dancing right in front of me. Their eyes locked with mine. We dance. We start kissing. And then we are tumbling out on the street, kissing, holding hands, giggling. We walk in the summer night to the subway and take the train to me. I am nervous, but also so turned on. Om the train my thought starts rushing, what type of sex organ do they have. Should I ask? How do you even do it in these types of situation. My thoughts start spiralling out of control. They notice, asks what is wrong. I say nothing, just nervous. They bite their lip, omg my panties are now soaked through, they are so sexy. I kiss them. Deciding that I don't care, want them, now. I am angling them so that I can touch their stomach, my hands traveling up. The train stops and we almost miss our stop. I open the door. Drag them to my bedroom. We are up against the wall. I press into them. Feeling something hard. They pull my shirt off, and start kissing my boobs. I am on the bed, naked. Their tongue separates my labia, finding my clitoris. My breath staggers. Their fingers are inside me, their tongue working my clit. I explode, they keep going, I come again and again my body trembling. We kiss softly, I can taste myself on them. I start taking off their clothes. Kissing their torso. Letting my tongue play on the rim of their pants. I slowly take them off. I am meeting lace, and erect penis and the pre-cum glistening. I taste them. Take them in my mouth. I am on my stomach, their tongue liking my anus. One finger in me and one working my clitoris. It feels so good. I come again. I taste their anus, playing with it, using one finger, then two. They groan. I suck their dick at the same time. Stopping before they come. I take you my thin sleek vibrator for the anus. Drench it in lube. I play with it against their opening. When they are ready I put it in. Their eyes roll backwards. Small moans comes over their lips. I position myself, lowering myself over their erect penis. Working the dildo in their as. We come collapsing in each others arms.