My First Male Escort

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Orly Koppel

I’m a very important business woman and travel a lot, staying in hotels etc. I don’t have time for relationships and am too busy to date. I’m very uptight about sex and believe myself to be invisible to men. On a business trip to a warm country, I get chatting to a waitress and, contrary to my usual behaviour, after a few glasses of wine I confide in her. She gives me the number of an escort and promises me that I will have the best night of my life. I drink some more and then make the call. The man appears soon afterwards, he is gorgeous and charming. We go up to my suite and he seduces me, giving me pleasures I never knew existed. We have a night of erotic passion and I give him a pile of cash in the morning. At breakfast, I have a glow and men look at me. It’s like they can tell....