Fire in the kitchen

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leloa

I am working as a waitress in a high class cooking studio. People who wanna learn how to cook can book a course for a night, a chef shows them how to cook some dishes, they usually drink a lot of wine and everyone is having a fun night. There are also companies coming to our studio, they wanna do something like a team building event, so they all cook a dinner together for a couple of hours.

Our courses are quite expensive, we are something like a high class cooking studio, so the people who come to us have a bunch of money or the company is a successfull one. You can see that the people have money in the way they dress and behave, usually very groomed and well- mannered. The average age is around 40/ 50 years.

I am 23 and I am normally not a person who is excited about money or impressed by luxury but I kinda have a thing for older, well educated and handsome men. And there are a lot in this studio!

So I get the fantasy to have sex with one of the customers after I did the waitress for the whole evening, I already flirted the whole time with one of the men, a fantastic looking, charming and experienced radiate man in his 40s with greyish hair and a good suit. We had eye contact the whole time, there was a tension and something sexy in the air.

After the course ended and everyone was gone, this guy came to me, looked me deeply in the eyes and said with a deep and strong voice: ,,I would like to fuck you". Already totally horny I just opened my blouse, standing half naked in front of him. He grabbed my waist, pulled me to himself and started to kiss my neck, my belly, my boobs and them my mouth. He pushed me on top of the cook island, opened my legs and started to lick and finger my pussy. Then he turned me around and fucked me hard from the back, fucked me pushing me on the wall (while fingering me), on the table, again on the cook island. After that passionate and hard sex he came on my belly. A short kiss and he was gone.