A Sexual Fantasy

— By slip

Hi, I am not very good to write a scenario, I'm just a guy who would love to help his wife to virtually realise her favourite fantasy. In fact, my wife's favourite fantasy is having pleasure with firefighter(s). Like I'm not a firefighter, and not really ready to share her for real, I decided to propose her watching a movie with sensual scenes with firefighters. I was convicted I would easily find some good porn scenes for women on your webiste because I know that making love with firefighter(s) (and all uniform jobs in general) is one of the favourite women's fantasy. But I was surprised beacause I can't find any scences like that on each websites of porn for women ! (I only found very bad scenes on the "main" pornsites wich were not sensual at all...) I'm sure that you guys can make something great to fill this incredible void !! I let you find a way to make a great scene of a woman having pleasure with a(some) firefighter(s) (why not in a fire station...). Wish someone could help me ! Thanks !