Finding My Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By L0v3-A55

I never had that accidental orgasm that other girls talk about growing up. The one when they were young and happened to rub themselves in a way that gave them a sensation of pleasure. The one that made them want to explore their bodies further. I never masturbated much in my teens as, even though it felt nice to touch myself, it didn’t do much for me. It always felt a bit pointless, like I was putting on a show for someone who wasn’t there. When I was eighteen I had an older boyfriend, fifteen years my senior, who took my non-orgasmic existence very seriously and even took books out of the library on female pleasure. A few months into our relationship we tried anal. I was lying on my back and he had licked me and probed me, lubed me generously to prepare me for the penetration. The room was dimly lit and he was lying on top of me, heavy, his naked body covering almost all of mine. He held my hair in his fist and his mouth took mine in a very possessive kiss, his tongue penetrating me deep as he eased into my tight ass. The sensation was incredibly intense, I felt vulnerable, exposed, filled, safe, loved and totally connected to him. Only a few strokes into it I had my first orgasm, it was like falling off a ledge into a velvet darkness, it shook me to the core.

All my pleasure sensing nerve endings are in my ass and I have since then had twenty years worth of orgasms, many by my own hand. Loving each and every one. x