Film Within a Film Within a Film

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

My wife and I have fallen in love with your films. We sometimes spend whole week ends watching an entire compilation, one film at a time, growing insanely aroused and reenacting the actors' stunts until exhaustion. So much so that we eventually started filming ourselves, trying to imitate the great cinematographic performances we enjoy so very dearly. Carefully planning location and script is the beginning of the turn on. Checking outfits and lighting builds up the adrenaline. No need to say "action". We both know what to do.

A few days pass. Difficult to focus on the editing. It usually takes going over the raw material many times before being able to resist the terrible urges they instill in us. Eventually, one by one, the scenes are built and arranged, the colors are corrected, the music is set, the titles are written. Watching the final result together brings us right back there. The urges are back. Resistance is futile.

When I let my mind wander, I imagine that this film gets "accidentally" mentioned. That under insistence, my wife maybe gives in and shows it to a friend, in confidence. That it goes too far. The conversation comes unexpected, direct and unambiguous. Unapologetic. "X and Y have seen our movies. They want you to film them. I want you to film them." My heart skips a beat. There's only so much we can do when one of the actors is also director and cameraman. This will be real cinema.

The day comes. I try to be professional. My wife observes silently from the corner of the room. I start an XConfessions on the big TV in the background. We discuss a bit about how they would like me to do it. Be an invisible watcher, lurking off the sides of the bed? Be a director, showing the poses, interrupting, demanding? They are shaking from excitement, fear, desire, euphoria, and later, pleasure. In any case the story is ours.

This is the fantasy of me filming our friends acting as us in the story of our lustful weekends watching Erika Lust.