Filled With Nectar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sophia

As a high schooler, I had an ongoing crush on a boy named West. He was popular, but he was also artistic, smart, and (of course) athletic. I was not popular and was very shy; but I was also a very involved student. Though I really admired West, I didn't put him on a pedestal; we were equal. However, we weren't close. We graduated with high honors as seniors. Earlier in senior year, I was accepted into Stanford, my ultimate dream school. West was also accepted. Fast forward to a quarter into my first year at college. I had not seen West since high school. One night, I was at a party. Scanning the room for friends, I caught West's eye. His face immediately caught mine too- then some friends ran up to me. Soon, West walked up beside me. "Hey!" "Hi!" I continued by saying, "Let's go talk!" I left my classmates, and soon West and I were in a small, uncrowded hallway pulsing with music and light. We engaged in some small talk about classes and such, but then came more. I told West, "I always was attracted to you." He responded: "You are amazing." Then, we began to make out. My hands gripped his as our lips caressed. Our legs intertwined, and our bodies pressed against the hard wall. "Let's go in there," I said, pointing to a random dorm room. As the door closed, West pulled my shirt off and threw it to the floor. I pulled his pants down hungrily. Throwing ourselves into the random bed in this random room, we traced the unknown parts of each other's bodies; the curves of our necks right down to the soft flesh of our thighs, his muscles comfortable against me. Then, he came inside. I gasped for air as we collided again and again. With me on top, we smiled into each other's gleaming eyes. He came right after me, our breaths and sighs complementing each other. Tears were literally streaming down both our faces. Then, I climbed off him and lay my back down on the bed. He came over and shuffled down to my pussy, which he began examine. "Like a flower," he remarked as he sucked. "Filled with nectar." Needless to say, I fulfilled my fantasies.