Fetish Club

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zbynek

There's a boy in a fetish club, who looks kinda bored but also interessting which a smell of mysteriously. he looks like he belongs to anybody and nobody it's the first night i'm in the Kitkat club and this guy still is in my view a lot of the time. he wears a black leather shorts, which is realy short, you can see his dick is half straight from the erotic atmosphere. you can see he likes the smell and noise of sex I like him too and keep a eye on him and his dick i go to the pool to smoke a little joint to get in the mood kitkat is the name of the club, Dark Strogn sexual techno and a lot of hot people being themself and expressing their sexuality Fuck I'm so high already and the XTC i took in the line is kicking in with the joint i wanna blow his dick, see it getting harder, while he is kissing and licking with a patting with symphatic goth girl who wears black boots which are up to the knees and are high like the big buffalos shoes her hair is maid in 2 braids down her shulders, shes really skinny and it looks like he is controlling her whole buddy now his dick is so hard his pants seem to burst and you can see the wet shiny river is coming down at the back of her legs it all happens near to the pool in a blue light next to them is a couple with her kissing and liking the strong hart errection of her guy thats all to much i need to fuck or dance! so cause there's no one around me who i'd be easy with i go to the fucking hot dance floor the music is on climax and i dance half naked like everybody there's one guy completly naked with shaved head and a loong dick while antoher couple is fucking its all wet and sweaty and sexual

now i see the guy again, without the hotie goth girl he's dancing' his eye's looks lost but his moves are going crazy he's dancing like he wanna show me like he wanna show all he looks at me and i cant hide the sex in my eyes it's dangerous, he's scary but soo hot at the same time. the fear increase the my lust i decide to keep the eyecontact and he's coming straight to me he grabs my neck and kiss me soo fucking hot i can feel his dick rubbing to mine we both getting harder in both ways the kissing is escalting he pushes me down and i undress him i pull him out but and bl0w and taste it he after a few strokes he's coming all over my body and my dick

it's a bisexual fantasie and i dont wann destroy it, but i was the guy with the scary look in the kitkat