A Sexual Fantasy

— By Zoya

This is pure fantasy. I imagine a large table with delicious food piled high on top carefully arranged into a glamorous aesthetic. Fruits were selected and beautifully arranged. Cakes look like doll dresses all frilly and pastel coloured. People are sitting at the banquet dressed in antique clothing, layers and layers of fabric, flamboyant and glamorous. Everything looks as if Marie Antoinette herself could walk in. A shy woman is there. She isn't familiar with the people at the banquet. But her beautiful pastel dress and the delicate fabric against her skin and all the lavish surrounding makes her feel like royalty and makes her want to drown in pleasure. A man pulls her onto his lap, touching her breasts, that look out from her corset, holding her hip tightly. He runs his hand up her neck and bends her neck backwards while sliding his arm between her legs, pushing through layers of fabric. The other people at the banquet pretend not to see it, but when the woman begins to moan, the other people at the table begin to look surprised. She doesn't need to say a word, the man knows exactly what she wants. The man pushes the woman onto the table, right in between all the lovely food and pushes up her skirt. She is worried about her beautiful dress, but wants him to go on. He pulls her hips tight, gripping her and sliding his cock inside her pussy underneath all those layers of dress. He fucks her at the banquet in between all this lavish food and both of them forget all the other people around them. The other people at the table are stunned but some of them can't help but be aroused and slowly one of them can't help but join in and touch the woman on the table. The first man comes inside her, but she still wants more, so the next man comes up to her, turning her around and now fucks her from behind, her breasts squishing a cake underneath her while she is being fucked. The other people join in and make a complete mess of all the lovely food on the table. The woman on the table has given in to all the hedonism, she doesn't have to think or decide, she can't even, just being fucked and touched, by everyone. They all enjoy every part of her body, fucking her pussy, her ass, her mouth, there on the table and she has completely given in. Afterwards she lies in the mess of the feast, covered in bits of cakes, cream from the desserts and cum from the men, that fucked her. Exhausted and fulfilled.