Femme Domme night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sub20

Ten years ago I went to a Femme Domme night being organised by an online group. Men were not allowed, but TV, MTF, TS, TG and CD were welcome. I sometimes dressed in girl’s clothes in private so I asked whether I could attend. I had a PVC dress but decided to wear a plain white blouse, short skirt, panties, black tights and black shoes. I bought a blond wig at a fancy dress shop. I couldn’t wait! The evening turned out to be relaxed and a lot of fun. There was a girl dancing in a large cage, wax play, and foot worship. There was also plenty of time to chat to the other people there. When my turn came, I knelt on a bench and bent over. After giving consent, my skirt was laid over my back, and my tights and panties pulled down to my knees. I was asked whether I needed to be tied, but I said no. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I think the Domme spanked me, used a flogger and also a dildo. When it was time for the cane I had to say the safe word after two strokes. It was one of the best evenings I can remember, but I wish, I wish, I wish I had accepted the offer to be tied. I wish I had been better prepared mentally for the cane.