I fell in love with my husband's enemy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sharone Ayag

After the first few exciting months of my marriage, I felt that our sex life has lost its zing. That's when I came to know about Mark, who once happened to be my husband's very good friend. They don't talk anymore even though we live in the same building. On my persistent inquiry, my husband told me how Mark & his ex betrayed him and she dumped him for Mark. However, Mark dumped her too as he was only into casual sexual relationships. I became increasingly interested in Mark and wondered why she chose Mark over my husband. I started talking to him secretly and found him to be extremely fit, charming and smart. Once my husband made a road trip plan with his friends and they left early morning on Saturday. I was alone at house, so, I invited Mark to my apartment for coffee. That's when he made his move, grabbed me by waist, embraced tightly and kissed passionately. I couldn't control myself and we ended up making love for the rest of the weekend. It was extremely rough and unprotected. He came inside me multiple times and told me how a lady as sexy as me deserved a better man like him. It felt amazing to be totally controlled and dominated by him. He practically made me his personal sex toy for two days and introduced me to the world of rough no-limits sex.