My Fantasy Stalker

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DearGeorgie

I'm twenty four years old and have never been in a romantic relationship. I've never been on a date, had anyone pursuing me, kissing me. I've never had sex. I think this is what drives me to have the same fantasy over and over again. I fantasize about a good friend that I have, but I'm not really interested in dating because he seems a little intense for me, but is so attractive. One day he asks me out but I say no. Unbeknownst to me at first, he begins to stalk me, and does so until he suddenly decides to take me. When he does, he pampers me and showers me with gifts, never letting me see who he is. Then he prepares a nice dinner and gives me a revealing skin tight dress to wear. At this dinner he reveals himself and says he wants to be mine forever but only if I say yes. I refuse him vehemently which only angers him, and then his demeanor slightly changes. He becomes physical, pressing his sculpted, now shirtless chest against me. I'm scared but can't help feeling flutters of passion. He says he will not force himself on me, he wants me to say yes. I shake my head no. He only leans in closer, stroking me and whispering in my ear. His passion only grows stronger and before I can stop myself, I'm screaming for him to fuck me as hard as he can.