Fantasy in the Mirror

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CoroBoy

I have a massive crush on my wife's best friend. She's cute, adorable even, married with kids and an adoring husband. I've fantasised about fucking her often, using the details her husband often drops into our conversations. We've quite often been on holidays together and while nothing has ever happened, sometimes the lingering welcome kiss the subtle touch of an arm or just a sidelong glance with a small glint in her eye has always made me wonder. Does she want to fuck me too?

We find ourselves away at a weekend up in a local wine region with them and a few others. We share an apartment with separate bedrooms. After a night of fun, a little flirting and lots of drinks, we arrive back to the apartment. We drink and laugh some more and eventually we start making out with our partners. I'm with my wife, she's with her husband. But she's looking at me while her husband is licking the side of her neck. She stands up and walks over to us. I have my hand up my wife's skirt and quickly slide it out. She leans over, kisses my wife on the cheek and gently runs her fingers over my hand that was just playing with my wife. She walks back and takes her husband's hand and leads him into their bedroom, telling us to enjoy the night.

I then start to hear her and her husband have sex. Right in the room next to me. I listen for her groans and moans and all those noises I've imagined. I get up with the excuse of getting a drink and walk past their open door. I stand just outside, mesmerized as watch her in the mirror, riding him backwards, playing with herself. Suddenly she looks up and sees me watching in the mirror. She smiles directly at me and runs her tongue over her lips in the most seductive manner I've ever seen. She raises her finger from he clit and licks the tip of it, blowing me the smallest of kisses.

I leave them and go back to my gorgeous wife and we make passionate love, right there on the floor. Her, me and my fantasy.

I've always wondered, did she find an excuse to get a drink too.