Fantasy coming true on a sailboat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ginterzsofi

I knew I had to have him since the moment we met, but he was living abroad and I was living with my boyfriend so he remained a fantasy for years. Until on a summer evening I accidentally ran into him at my local bar. It was clear we were still dangerously into each other. A few drinks led to texting, the texts led to innocent lunch meetings, but the air was so electric around us it was unbearable. Then he invited me to go sailing on his friends' boat. I tried to refuse but he was so persistent I couldn't resist: I made up a lie and escaped for the weekend.
I still get wet by thinking of the excitement I felt the whole day: anything could happen but nothing was for sure... Of course, officially we were just friends so while spending the day on the beach we were well-behaved and played nice, even though we couldn't take our eyes off each other.
Then at the evening they showed us the boat where we'd be sleeping: it had a kingsize cabin in the front. "Sure, you get the cabin for the night" - his friends said with a smile, and that was when I decided I just won't worry about infidelity or any problems, this is too perfect to miss.
So after the harbor fell silent and the rest of the guys went to sleep only a few inches from our cabin, we were finally alone. For a moment we just stared at each other then he kissed me so intensely my heart stopped. This was what I was fantasizing about for years. We ripped off our clothes and were so eager to feel each other that we didn't know where to touch, bite, lick and kiss the skin we wanted so much. It was amazing to feel him inside me, to see how much he wanted me, to ride him and hear him say "So this is how you like it?" with a naughty smile. We made love until we used all the air in the cabin. Then we climbed out to the deck through the window on the top. We sat there naked, smoking cigarettes, listening to the waves and the breeze wobbling the boats and looking at the stars above the harbor.
I felt victorious: I get what I want, my fantasies can come true - only they're better in reality.