Fallen angel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By His Angel

I invite him to my place after work knowing my husband is away for the night, he drives us home whilst I gently unzip his suit trousers and starts touching his penis. I keep looking at him, bite my lips and whisper to him in an erotic tone with my accent he loves so much, but I stop just in time before he can come. We walk right into my living room, he finally starts to undress me for the first time and realizes what a treasure I am. I am wearing my lacey one piece, the sexiest one from my lingerie collection, he can see my nipples through it and starts slipping his hands in there. He grabs a hold of my breasts and starts taking off his suit. He gently slips his strong hands into the one piece and starts massaging my booty but he can't get enough of my ballerina breasts, he has heard so much about. He lays me down, my back is against the soft white rug, we kiss in heat then he starts licking through my whole body and gets to my vagina. He makes me come and I feel I have never been so turned on before. I take his wide penis close to my lips and play with the top for a bit, when he can't resist anymore he pushes his penis into my mouth, and keeps moving his body towards me. I can see in his eyes it's the best oral he has ever had, it all feels so easy and light. I lay him down and start riding his hard penis whils he is looking at my shilouette. I can't stop stroking his muscles and playing with my vagina. I am close to an orgasm but I want us to come at the same time. He sits up and pushes his chest against mine, he holds my waist and my juicy ass at the same and right before we both have an orgasm he wispers: you are my angel. It's a fantasy I play with every day, I wish someday he has the balls to ask me out. I feel guilty by just confessing it but he turns me on like hell. It definitely keeps our sex life active with my husband..