A Sexual Fantasy

— By SoJoyous

What really arouses me is seeing the real and raw expressions of lust on 'tough' guys faces. Sometimes when I meet one of those strong and controlled acting men on the subway, I imagine how that well-behaved face with that nicely groomed beard and the tailored suit might look and sound in moments of pure passion, giving away every last bit of control. The sweat on his forehead, the sweet agony of desire drawing lines around his wet lips and his wild looking eyes... So if I was to make an erotic short film, I'd show it on a split screen - with a totale of the action on the right and a close-up of the face(s) on the left. The scene would show a dark room with a warm spotlight illuminating a single chair. Our protagonist would appear naked and sit on it, when another guy enters the scene and starts caressing every inch of his body. They take it slow, there's lots of kissing, and they take turns while things get more and more intense...