Eyes Wide Shut

A Sexual Fantasy

— By vale.it

Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite films. I love the story, the scenes, the atmosphere. And that film had inspired me a lot of erotic adventures. Here is a fantasy I made up:

My wife Megan and I have received an invitation by a friend. In the letter he sent we find instructions about how to reach a secret location and how we have to dress. Driven by curiosity, we decide to accept the invitation.

Following the instructions, we arrive to a wonderful mansion. A masked butler leads us into the mansion. We are brought in a changing room. I put my costume on (a white mask and a black silk cloak). Megan wears that kind of elegant mask you can see at Venetian Carnival. Her body is naked, except for a pair of high-heel shoes and a jewel around her waist. She’s fantastic.

We get in a room. Masked people are sitting all around in silence. We take place in the center of the room and start to have passionate sex. Dozens of eyes are fixed on us.