"Eye's Wide Open"

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marques G

I have always wanted to have sex during sex party like an “Eye’s Wide Shut” scenario.

As people look on with mask from the African Pharaoh’s, I take my partner up front in center as everyone looks around and begin to eat her pussy up and down. She squirms and moans. I begin to finger her, her pussy is wet. So wet my fingers are slipping.

I look up and I see another woman come over. Grab my partners head and kiss her while she looks to her with her face full of pleasure and eyes rolling back. I stand up and the woman takes my pants off and guides my cock into my lovers wet dripping pussy.

I fuck her hard and deep. The other woman holds my lover as I thrust and thrust myself. My lover moans loud. Everyone around gathers closer as we fuck harder. My lover being held with her eyes rolling. Her body contorted as she begins to cum. She cums on my cock but I keep fucking her. Feeling her pussy just drip wet as my cock throbs so big inside her.

I look over and see a gentleman remove his robe to expose his large cock and walk over to my lover. He offers his penis to her and she begins to suck him dry. The other woman continues to hold her. My lover spits all over his cock and I fuck her harder. The other woman then bends down and begins to lick her pussy as my cock continues to thrust in and out of her. I then pull out. The other woman lifts my lover up and brings her to me. She can barely stand as her pussy has been ravaged.

I lay down and my lover lays on top of me. I put my cock in her pussy and begin to fuck her like a rag doll. The other man comes over and puts his cock in the back of her and we both fuck her hard. The other woman caress my lover as she moans loud. Both our cocks are throbbing. We both want to cum. One at a time the other woman takes our cocks and jerks them.

I can feel it and I cum all over my lovers mouth. The other woman feeding cum to my lover as I moan and feel limp. She then takes the other gentleman’s cock and unloads his spunk all over my lovers tits. We then clean up and, the other gentleman puts back on his robe and my lover and me continue into the party like nothing happened. Looking for the next adventure.