Eyes On You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By walshyroo

I've always had a thing for DJs. I find it so sexy when someone can make a whole room dance and being completely engrossed by the music they are playing. I have a fantasy of being at a small intimate club at a loud and pounding atmospheric house event. I'm buying a drink at the bar feeling already hyped up and while ordering the bar man says "he keeps looking at you" turning my head to see the DJ's piercing blue eyes glancing at me. I smirk and look back to the bar man and go "no way," I make my way back to my friends on the dance floor. I dance for hours but we keep making eye contact and every time I notice something new about him. His sharp jawline, his pale skin, his lips. There was something so intense about him that I found overwhelming. The night went on and I give up on the idea of ever speaking to him. Leaving the club around 3am as I have work the next day. I'm about to order an Uber and he suddenly grabs my hand. "Come with me," I follow as if I had no choice. He brings me to this dark alley and I hear more pounding music he opens a door and I'm greeted to a small apartment with couches everywhere and people getting comfortable on them. We don't speak we just sit and he kisses me and we begin to have intoxicating sex.