Eye Spy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By iqaz

Holy fuck! I can't believe they were so bold. Literally fucking in the window. My cab passed by so fast. Just a glimpse but enough to immediately throb all over. My breathing quickened with the unexpected excitement. I have to get home. Fast. Drop me here I say. Door slam. Feet fast against pavement. Minds eye a flurry. Everything turns me on. Every window I see frames beautiful fucking. Every noise I hear is an orgasm. Fucking. Everywhere. I can barely get home to them quick enough. Key barely in the door and my shoes and coat are off. They call hi from the kitchen. I run, losing clothing with every step. Within seconds we are fucking up against the mirror in the lounge. Loud. Fast. Surrounded by writhing couples and threes, a cacophony of cumming as everyone explodes together. Then lie. Bodies everywhere. Chests rising. Hearts pounding. Faces beaming. I think back to the couple in the window fucking. Smiling.